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Namibia: The Caprivi – 18 May 2018

Many thanks to Sandy Bean for sharing his pictures from his recent Landscape safari to the Caprivi.

Dear Greg,
I have just returned from a fabulous Caprivi tour. A friend had told me that this was the best Landscape tour she had experienced, and I have to agree with her. Thanks for making it possible. Heidi was a great “jack of all trades” and used a collapsible step to help us get in and out of her vehicle.
Kind regards,
Sandy Bean.

Dear Greg,
Thank you very much for another wonderful Landscape trip. Everything worked like clockwork in typical Landscape style. Heidi was an exellent guide. Her ability to spot and identify birds and beasts with one eye and keep the other focused on the road was amazing. I did not take any photographs but most of the others did so I am sure you will get some soon. Thank you for giving us such a great time.
Best wishes to all.
Lucy Howse.

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