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Namibia: The Caprivi – 6 May 2018

Our client, Mrs Pat Thompson, shared these fabulous pictures from her recent Namibia: The Caprivi Safari with Landscape Tours. Thanks Pat! Everyone enjoyed their trip with our Namibia guide, Heidi Dednam.

Dear Greg
Having had my name added to Tjomps’ Fan Club List, please would you add my name to Heidi’s Fan Club List!  Her bush knowledge of both birds, fauna and  animals was awe inspiring.  I certainly learnt a lot from her.  We were so lucky with the variety of animals we saw and a highlight other than seeing all the water,  was finding our own lions on the early morning drive in Chobe. The accommodation, except for Waterberg which was adequate and thankfully had amazingly comfortable beds, was magnificent as was the food.
Congratulations to Landscape Tours once again – I look forward to another trip soon – you do seem to attract some like-minded people!
Patricia Sperring
PS  I was very pleased to have done the trip from  Windhoek to Chobe and not the other way around – found the long distances quite tiring and would definitely not recommend anyone who has a dodgy hip, knee or back to do this particular safari!  Karen and Freddie, both very fit 80+ year olds, were amazing and put me with a knee replacement, to shame!

Dear Greg:
Unfortunately I came home with a middle ear problem, which fortunately only manifested itself on the way home, otherwise I would have written sooner.  Several others were also sick, a couple ending up with bronchitis, although all managed to finish the holiday and remain cheerful throughout. I just hope it wasn’t passed on to Heidi, who was about to do the return trip.
Although we found the first couple of days rather long, we all thoroughly enjoyed the trip and found it all so interesting.  There is a lot of Caprivi and I personally, found it sad to think of all the young lives lost up there during the bush war and hope that never happens again.  Having been with Landscape to Chobe before, I was excited to go back and couldn’t believe the change after all the water which has come down from Angola.  Although we couldn’t go round islands, we still managed to see lots of animals, both on the game drives and along the banks of the fast flowing river.
Heidi provided us with splendid picnics and we were astounded at not only her knowledge of birds and game but her extraordinary ability to spot them.  She was always the first to see things and after the briefest glimpse of birds she was able to identify them.
I hope I will be able to travel with Landscape Tours again in the future and will keep recommending them to friends and family.
Kind regards
Jill Grant

Hi Greg
It was a good tour and Heidi does make the bush come alive
I am looking at the Hogsback trip
David Fullaway


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