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Karoo Cooks – 27 April 2018

15 guests joined Landscape Tours and Country Life Magazine for a mouth-watering adventure through the Eastern Cape and into the heart and soul of slow food. Here they met some of the finest chefs and got to taste the produce and food everyone’s talking about, on farms and at festivals, padstals and foodie hotspots.

Many thanks to Margie Biggs for leading and facilitating this wonderful tour and to Country Life for the inspiration to set the wheels in motion. Thanks also to Steve Rush for his assistance on the tour, and for all of the great pictures. Enjoy!

Thank you Greg.  It was an awesome tour.  The people were all good fun.  The weather was amazing which all helps and for my husband to say he thoroughly enjoy it is a big PLUS.  He was not keen at all and said “No way was he following a lollipop lady” (hence the foto you  saw of Margi with the lollipop) .  I basically told him he had to come with and made a deal with him.  If he did not enjoy the tour I would pay and if he did like it he would pay.  Yay got a big refund in my account yesterday.  I know people were complaining about the bus and maybe it was a bit of a budget bus on a first class tour but I must admit it did not bother us but maybe it was also that we were right in the front.  Anyway it was all great fun and I will definately look at doing another one.
Thanks and enjoy your day.
Marcelle Westhof

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