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Dear Greg
Having had my name added to Tjomps’ Fan Club List, please would you add my name to Heidi’s Fan Club List!  Her bush knowledge of both birds, fauna and  animals was awe inspiring.  I certainly learnt a lot from her.  We were so lucky with the variety of animals we saw and a highlight other than seeing all the water,  was finding our own lions on the early morning drive in Chobe. The accommodation, except for Waterberg which was adequate and thankfully had amazingly comfortable beds, was magnificent as was the food. Congratulations to Landscape Tours once again – I look forward to another trip soon – you do seem to attract some like-minded people!
Patricia Sperring
PS  I was very pleased to have done the trip from  Windhoek to Chobe and not the other way around – found the long distances quite tiring and would definitely not recommend anyone who has a dodgy hip, knee or back to do this particular safari!  Karen and Freddie, both very fit 80+ year olds, were amazing and put me with a knee replacement, to shame!

Dear Greg:
Unfortunately I came home with a middle ear problem, which fortunately only manifested itself on the way home, otherwise I would have written sooner.  Several others were also sick, a couple ending up with bronchitis, although all managed to finish the holiday and remain cheerful throughout. I just hope it wasn’t passed on to Heidi, who was about to do the return trip.
Although we found the first couple of days rather long, we all thoroughly enjoyed the trip and found it all so interesting.  There is a lot of Caprivi and I personally, found it sad to think of all the young lives lost up there during the bush war and hope that never happens again.  Having been with Landscape to Chobe before, I was excited to go back and couldn’t believe the change after all the water which has come down from Angola.  Although we couldn’t go round islands, we still managed to see lots of animals, both on the game drives and along the banks of the fast flowing river.
Heidi provided us with splendid picnics and we were astounded at not only her knowledge of birds and game but her extraordinary ability to spot them.  She was always the first to see things and after the briefest glimpse of birds she was able to identify them.
I hope I will be able to travel with Landscape Tours again in the future and will keep recommending them to friends and family.
Kind regards
Jill Grant

Namibia: The Caprivi – 6 May 2018
Dear Greg and the Landscape Team
Shirley and I wish to thank you for taking us on a faultless Kruger Safari.
I think the best way to sum it all up is that on day one we met as eight total strangers and on the final day parted the best of friends!
Quite honestly everything went off without a hitch. Your planning was superb, and executed to perfection by Maestro Tjompie. We were well-shepherded through the airports, driven in comfort by skilled drivers, accommodated in comfort in those delightful bush camps,and fed like royalty.
How does one describe our guide? Skilled game-spotter, patient nanny of the not- so-young, great attender to detail, Outstanding Cook (who can produce Chockchip Ice Cream in the bush?) fantastic photographer, AND master story-teller!
Here’s hoping to repeat this with you in the Kgalagadi
With much gratitude
Shirl and Mike Downes.

Hullo to everybody there –
Yet another Tjomps triumph….we had the most fabulous trip to the Kruger – 7 people  who got on well and still liked one another after a week…Tjomps worked his magic on the meals, lovely braais under the stars with lions roaring in the distance; tasty lunches produced in twenty minutes; the most delicious steak etc etc.   And the viewing was superb.. one of our number murmured “how does he do it?” when yet another exciting sighting occurred, to say nothing of a lioness on the side of the road all to ourselves (almost unheard of in the park!)
Many thanks to everyone who makes these wonderful things happen.
Warmest good wishes

Kruger Safari – 3 May 2018
Good morning Greg
Just a few lines to say how much I enjoyed the visits to the game parks and Storms River (where I wished I could have stayed a bit longer !) with maybe one day less at the Karoo park.
Of course, what made it special was Pieter who was always so thoughtful, helpful and informative about everything …. geology, animals, birds (with his sharp eyes) rivers etc.   He is a real asset in your company.   It is many years since I have been to these parks and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute.
Wishing you continued success.
Kind regards … Kathy Dolpire
By the way, that little restaurant in Graaff Reinet was a real find.    I understand that you hadn’t been there before.

Hi Greg,
Thank you very much, an unexpected bonus.
Pieter is an excellent tour leader and certainly goes the extra mile.
We enjoyed it thoroughly.
Marion and Wally Esterhuizen

Cape to Addo – 5 May 2018
Thank you Greg.  It was an awesome tour.  The people were all good fun.  The weather was amazing which all helps and for my husband to say he thoroughly enjoy it is a big PLUS.  He was not keen at all and said “No way was he following a lollipop lady” (hence the foto you  saw of Margi with the lollipop) .  I basically told him he had to come with and made a deal with him.  If he did not enjoy the tour I would pay and if he did like it he would pay.  Yay got a big refund in my account yesterday.  I know people were complaining about the bus and maybe it was a bit of a budget bus on a first class tour but I must admit it did not bother us but maybe it was also that we were right in the front.  Anyway it was all great fun and I will definately look at doing another one.
Thanks and enjoy your day.
Marcelle Westhof
Karoo Cooks – April 2018
The Karoo Highlands / Tankwa tour was a celebration of our 50th wedding anniversary with a group of family and friends… and two strangers who fitted in as if hand-picked.
Di Norton guided and facilitated to make the tour an unforgettable experience. Thanks to all the travellers for the harmony and to Landscape Tours for planning.
Derek van Rensburg
Karoo Highlands & Tankwa – April 2018
Dear Greg,
Thanks for your note.  I would like to add my own note of thanks.  Apart from stating the obvious, which is that we had a wonderful tour, beyond our expectations, I would also like to sing the praises of Tjomps.
Tjomps was like a father looking after his children, like a mother hen looking after her chicks.  He made us the most wonderful picnics, tended to our wounds, made our cellphones work, and fixed every little thing that needed fixing (like a suitcase with no key).  He could turn his hand to anything at all, and did it all so efficiently and, dare I say, lovingly!  There were many occasions that would have tried a saint, but Tjomps took it all in his stride and always appeared relaxed and smiling.
He could be negotiating dongas and potholes, and still spot game that we had not seen.  He seemed to have an instinct for where the lions would be, or when the ellies would be cavorting in the deep waterhole.  He worked a 16 hour day with no break, for while we were resting he would be refuelling the bus, buying food for the next picnic … he never stopped.  A guide/tour leader without equal!
Kind regards
Jane Rossiter
Cape to Addo – April 2018
Hello Grant
I have just recently returned from a trip to the Kruger Park with Landscape Tours. My eighth trip I think with Landscape !
It was really a great trip with excellent fellow travellers and above all a great guide in Tjomps Rautenbach.
And here I want to single out Tjomps as being exceptionally professional in every way. His cooking was wonderful, his spotting was amazing, his driving was superb and so on and on. But above all he really worked himself to a standstill he really didn’t have a moment for himself during the entire trip. A great guide to have on a voyage !!
Thank you Grant for everything and to all those in your organization that made the journey possible and I look forward to doing another trip with Landscape in the near future – in all you are all a great professional team.
Robin Brooks

Dear Greg
I was on the Kruger tour last week with Tjromps. It was my first rip with Landscape Tours.
I just want to say how much I enjoyed it and how marvellous Tjromps was as a driver/guide/cook and washer upper. He catered very nicely for my vegetarian needs and there was no chance of anyone going hungry.  Apart from which he worked very long hours but  was always good humoured and fun to be with.
I will certainly consider another trip with Landscape in 2018.
Yours sincerely
Davina Byrne-Daly

Dear Greg
What a wonderful trip we had to Kruger! Good sightings, lovely weather and an excellent guide.
Tjomps was amazing the way he coped with all our needs – one really could not fault him.
Looking forward to my next tour
Kind regards to all at Landscape
Jean Jooste

Kruger Park Safari – August 2017
Dear Landscape Tours
We wish to thank you for the wonderful Tour we enjoyed recently Winter Break.  The sights and places we were taken to were excellent, especially the Tractor Ride!!. Also outstanding Tour Guide. Mr Neville Norton.  We saw amazing things.
Kind regards.
Mrs A Kurten and Mrs M Ehmke

Good morning Greg,
We returned from the winter break tour last week and just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed it. The places where we stopped for comfort breaks, tea and lunch were great and the overnight accommodation was super, the Rooiberg Lodge is a gem. With the snow on the mountains and the magnificent scenery travelling was a pleasure and we went on back roads which showed us places we had only seen mentioned on a map. Our guide Neville was a star being so knowledgeable, caring, conscious of our needs and a great driver especially on the dirt roads.
From the time we were picked up by Robert it was such a pleasurable experience and testimony to the good organisation of your company. Our thanks to all concerned.
This is the second trip we have done with you and we hope it will not be the last.
Best wishes for the future.
Colleen & Mike Slater

Winter Break 2017 Group



Winter Break – July 2017
“Please would you add my name to The Tjomps Rautenbach Fan Club! What an amazing guide he was – everything he did for us Grey Haired old ladies (nearly said Old Ducks) was done with very easy considerate efficiency – nothing was too much trouble for him and never once did he make any of us feel that we were a nuisance when once again he had to help us stagger up some steps or be helped from a boat. He was always one step ahead to get things right to ensure that we were comfortable and having fun. And having fun we did! His knowledge of the country and animals was amazing and I know I learnt a lot.
Congratulations also to whoever put the trip together – it was constructed with just the right amount of interesting things to do plus the right amount of free time as well. The accommodation, particularly at Chobe, was great. I arrived back in Cape Town last night with a big smile on my face feeling totally stress free from having had a brilliant, magical trip which I was fortunate enough to share with some really nice people. So a very big thank you to all at Landscape Tours who organized such an amazing experience – I hope to be fortunate enough to do another Landscape Tour in the not too distant future!”
Patricia Sperring

Dear Grant:
I would like to say how very much I and all the group enjoyed the recent tour with Tjomps as leader.  He could not have been more knowledgeable of all the animals and birds and he looked after us “oldies” so very well.  He is a wonderful tour guide and I certainly I hope some day to be able to join another tour with him.  Without his “eyes” for the animals and knowledge in recognising birds and so many other animals, we would have missed so much.  The last cherry on the top was when he spotted several sable (a rare sight) on the last game drive.  We all came away so very thrilled with everything and the organisation by Landscape could not have been better.
Thank you to all the team involved.
Kind regards
Jill Grant


Vic Falls & Chobe 5 July 2017
Dear Grant, Helen and Landscape Tours,
When I told my daughter what a wonderful time we had in the Okavango Delta, she said the attention to details is what makes a tour great.
That was what was so impressive in the Delta tour. Pizzas in a discarded termite mound!! I thought that was amazing and I don’t think anyone here really believes me.
But I would like to thank Trudi and Tessa in the office for being unfailingly helpful and charming.
Of course Grant and Helen were the best tour leaders one could have and I  look on the  whole trip as an experience out of this world.
What is on the cards for next year?
A thousand thanks to all of you,
Kind memories and regards
Claire Armstrong

Dear Grant
So good to hear from you….my turn to say thank you for such a wonderful stay in the Delta
What perfect organisation,what good choice of a camp, this we owe you and your team ! And it was a pleasure  to meet you and Hellen and to share so many stories. I knew it was risky to  go back to old memories but I can say that this tour was perhaps even better than what I remembered.  Thank you from all my heart. And what a nice group we were : lovely photo !  Please relay also my thanks to Tessa.
Best wishes
Anne Eick
PS : I am keen to do something similar next year !

Dear Grant
Many thanks for the photo`s of our fabulous trip to Seba Camp.  Would you kindly thank your staff at Landscape for all their kind and friendly help  in making our trip such a memorable one.  Best wishes to Helen
Jean Lloyd

Okavango Delta – June 2017
We had the most amazing and wonderful vacation — thank you for all of your hard work in organizing everything for us! Our only problem was when we arrived in Tampa and there was no driver waiting which told us know how spoiled we were by your arrangements:) We honestly can’t think of one thing that we would change or one thing that wasn’t perfect. It was lovely to sit down with you two and put a face to the people who made this trip possible. I know this is your business, but your taking the time to just sit and chat with us was so nice of you! We will certainly recommend you and your wonderful company with its personal service to everyone here! I remember your asking for pictures, but now I’m not sure if it was Sabi Sands pictures you were asking for? We saw the Big 5 & every other animal except a cheetah — odd for a place named Cheetah Plains:) Nature is nature though, so we still feel completely satisfied with having seen the amazing lineup every day while there.

Our river safari in Botswana gave us the most incredible experience of siting 6′ away from a group of bull elephants while they ate & watching a herd of females with an assortment of youngsters on shore — including a very new 2 month old who just seemed tickled to death by everything he or she found to do! I was telling my daughter yesterday about the amazing country of South Africa where one can see everything from the beauty of Table Mountain & The Cape of Good Hope to penguins to great whites (albeit small juveniles & only on a “drive by”) to the Big 5 & everything in between! You are certainly a lucky bunch to live in such an amazing country! Please pass along our warm thanks to Neville for his knowledge, time & friendship. He was our first & best guide! If any of you want a lovely, pampered get-away weekend in Johannesburg, you must stay at the Peech Motel. It is a hidden gem with gorgeous grounds, luxury features in the rooms, and a surprising 5-Star dinner!

Finally, we want to reiterate our offer that if the day comes that you find yourselves in our area of Florida, we would be very pleased to take you out on our boat for a sail. You have our email, just let us know you’re coming. We would love to do something nice for you both! Thank you so much for everything — it was simply amazing & perfect in every way!

Warmest regards, Holly & Steve Baumann

Baumann Private Tour – 2017
Dear Landscape Tour Staff Members
How does one begin to say thank you?  I know so many people work together and also behind the scenes to make a magnificent tour like the Serengeti/Ngorogoro possible.  To each and everyone involved a huge thank you for your combined effort. It was lovely to have met you, Trudy, briefly, at the airport.  Allen took us through our paces effortlessly at OT.  And from Dar-es Salaam it was Pieter’s job who really took great care of us all – I am sure not always an easy job.  The tour was absolutely amazing and I have no regrets.  I had posted pics on FB and that destinations seems to be on so many people’s bucket list.  It just makes me realise even more just how privileged and blessed I really am.  Thank you for organizing sucha  fantastic tour.  I will certainly make use of your services in future again. (Andrea and John told me the Caprivi tour is great) and I will recommend your tours to others as well.
Warm regards
Anni Tregoning
Serengeti – May 2017
Thank you so much for the photos, and please thank Pieter too! I have added some of them to those that we took.
The reason for the delay in responding to your kindness is that both my wife and I became unwell six days after getting home – suspect ‘flu which has taken an inordinately long time to shake off.
We found the trip to be a wonderfully interesting and rewarding experience, especially the Sutherland component. Not only that, but it was fascinating to see and learn about the different places and environments through which we passed. Pieter was not only a knowledgeable tour guide but also a safe and considerate driver, particularly over some of the switchback untarred roads over which we travelled.
In summary, we are very pleased to have undertaken the Karoo Highlands tour, which more than met our expectations. My only slightly negative comment is that notwithstanding the amazing scenery and passes through which we travelled on Day 4 we found that day’s journey very long and wearisome.  Of course, it was not helped by the 20-minute delay dealing with a tyre puncture after leaving the Tankwa Karoo National Park but that alone would not have caused us to arrive at Kagga Kamma after dark. Looking at the map, I’m not sure if the route could be shortened somewhat without sacrificing something worth seeing, but that is something for you to consider.
Thanks again
John Cammell
Karoo Highlands – April 2017
Hi Grant

Great tour. Thanks

I’d just like to emphasize that Heidi is a super tour guide. She knows her animals, birds, trees and plants, and geology. She is extremely organized and runs a smooth operation. Both factors add to the enjoyment of the tour. And, most important, she has great people skills.

Kind regards,

Pete Smith

Namibia – April 2017
Dear Tessa
Our first encounter with Landscape Tours & Safaris was the Cape to Addo Nature Safari which ended last week. The visits to four of our spectacular national parks under the guidance of Tjomps was a wonderful experience! He is very knowledgeable and also an excellent organizer.
Our sincere thanks to Landscape Tours for a vacation never to be forgotten!
Kind regards
Martin & Laurette Hattingh

The Addo Tour was absolutely out of this world. Penny and I had a wonderful time.
Everything to me was luxury – the first tour I have been on in South Africa and I enjoyed it immensely.
Tjomps was amazing – highly organized and any hiccups he fixed promptly.
He made great picnic lunches – only sorry we did not experience one on his braai’s for which he is famous. He was attentive to everyone’s needs and was always right there when anyone needed an extra bit of help from the time we left our chalets in the morning until were were seen safely inside at the end of the evening. He seemed to know where the animals were so we had great viewing and pic taking.
An expert at everything – organization, driving, knowledge and very patient! He is worth a double salary as he is a valuable asset to Landscape Tours.
I hope I will be able to go on another of your tours one day.
Thank you again for all your help, especially with Penny and her broken arm and all our phone calls. What a tour!
Pat Gaede.

To the Landscape Team.
I wish to thank you for the wonderful Addo tour.  Everything was so well organised and Tjomps is a very caring and knowledgeable tour guide. I hope to go on another trip in the near future.
Betty Thorpe

Dear Tessa and all who travelled to Addo,
What a lovely time we had.  Looking at the photos bring back the sights and sounds and smells…
I’d love to share some of the memories I have put together.  I have reduced the photos in size, do that the file doesn’t get too big.  However, if anyone wishes to have any of these photos in full, please feel free to ask.
Tjomps Rautenbagh was a great tour leader.  I do not have his e-mail address, so Tessa, If you think he would be interested, please forward this to him.
To all of you were on the trip, thank you for your kindness, for the lovely chats we had and for the companionship.  It was good to get to know you and who knows, maybe we’ll meet again on one of Landscape’s tours.  I hope so!

Cape to Addo – April 2017
I have recently returned from a tour with 9 other fantastic people, we had fun and laughter from minute 1!
Accommodation, excellent meals wherever we “landed”, daily tours, and last but certainly not least our Tour Guide, Pieter, ALL rate 100%.
Thank you Landscape
Chrissie Turner


Dear Greg,

Thank you very much for this e-mail.

We really had a great time and as it says on the Website: the food was also fantastic.

And PETER, of course, our favorite guide!!!

Many thanks for the pictures, they bring lovely memories.

Kind regards

Joan & Karel

Eight Bells – March 2017
I would just like to commend Pieter Badenhorst for the wonderful way he handled the recent tour to Serengeti and Ngorongoro.  His constant smile and easy way of organising our daily tours and needs were exceptional and his knowledge of the wild animals and birds made the outings very special.  I had very little knowledge of birds when we started but soon got excited as we saw more and more and Pieter was able not only to spot them but name them too.  We were so fortunate to see the migration and our drivers, James and Richard, were absolute geniuses at spotting game and also drove superbly.


Landscape Tours certainly lived up to its reputation and I will most certainly be using them again very soon.


Kind regards


Jill Grant

There are already some very eloquent reports regarding previous ARPA trips to Southern Africa,
so this will just highlight the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the most recent.
The wildlife Seeing 10, then 20, then 30 elephants in family groups silently shuffling to the waterhole; lines of zebras wandering across the plains; giraffes some-how managing to straddle their legs to drink; white rhinos; a vast array of wildebeest, kudus, oryx, springboks; lions resting in the shade of trees and beside the waterhole; a leopard sleeping in a tree –
Just incredible!
Lots of beautiful birds identified by our bird watchers and guides
The scenery At times we could have been driving through different parts of Australia, from green rolling hills in the south, to vast stony plains, mountains, and desert in the north and interior; the red sand dunes at Sossusvlei; Table Mountain dwarfing Capetown, and the Cape of Good Hope – All stunning
Kirstenbosch Gardens and the wonderful diversity of native flora throughout the trip
Victoria Falls The helicopter flights, flying fox, and the amazing experience of swimming in Devils Pool and peering down over the edge to the base of the Falls
The locals Without exception the people were courteous, friendly and wanting to please; “Bob Hawke’s brother by another mother” trying his sales pitch through the bus window
The battle sites Brought to life by the excellent museums, touching memorials, and the knowledge of our guide, Pieter
The accommodation Very comfortable to the point of luxurious in places
Drinks The first beer, rock shandy, cider, or drink of choice after arriving at our accommodation in the evening after another 40⁰ day. It hardly touched the sides!
Food Excellent and often too much, but we managed to get through it anyway
Our guides Tjomps and Pieter, for their extensive knowledge which they readily shared, as well as their wonderful sense of humour
Welwitschia plants What a crazy, weird, botanical curiosity – who’d have thought such a plant even existed?
Our driver Floyd, wearing his Australia T-shirt to convince everyone he was born in Mildura
Flies and mosquitoes No flies and almost no mozzies…..except a veritable plague of mosquitoes at our motel in Livingstone. Lots of spraying took care of that.
The companionship, laughter, and shared experienc-es of the group
Weather It was really hot! Some days in Namibia it reached 40⁰ by 11am
Illness, which hit quite a few of the travellers, though in most cases not lasting more than 24 hours
The bus The sliding top windows providing minimal air circulation; the large windows sometimes falling into their cavity providing a dusty tornado
Nothing, except for warthogs, they are really ugly!
Our thanks to:
Landscape Tours, especially our guides Tjomps and Pieter
Floyd, our wonderful driver
Geoff, for coordinating the trip from this end.
The whole experience……fantastic!
Monique De Wit
South Africa 2016 The Good The Bad and The Ugly
Just a short note to thank you and the Landscape Team, especially, Pieter for a wonderful trip to Eight Bells and surroundings.  Everything went clickety clock and Pieter was the best of the best and adored by all.

You may want to consider upgrading your guests to the Palm Court rooms – they have recently been renovated, are much, much nicer and quieter and cost only R120 per person per day more.

Keep well, full marks, and I look forward to my next trip in October.

Kindest regards,

Sorella van Hoogstraten

Eight Bells 2017
From 10th to the 19th May, I was on your Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater Tour. This was a most enjoyable and stimulating experience for all those who were involved.

Dave Hibbs was an excellent Tour Guide, taking calm responsibility for all the organisation and giving us details of the things we were seeing, without providing an overload of information.

Our two local Driver/Guides provided were exceptionally considerate, informative and skilled as they transported us through the route. Their observation and expertise in finding wildlife for us to photograph was also first class.

The hotels and lodges were also excellent.

We saw enough wildlife for me to acquire over a thousand photographs (after deleting the duds) so that the tour may be revisited once I have compiled a CD of the best ones. The fact that we did not see cheetah or leopard, only serves as an incentive to book the tour again some time!

Thanks to Stephen Mitchell for all the personal interest and care he took regarding the booking and arrangements.

Brian Wakeford, Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater Tour
Both us want to say a huge Thank You!
It’s not often that experiences live up to expectations but that tour certainly did. We had the excitement of seeing wonderful game and birds and being blessed by the peace and tranquility of the Delta. Accommodation and food at Chobe Lodge were good and at Seba Camp outstanding. And we can’t say enough about the staff, especially the guides at Seba. We were spoilt rotten. And the cherry on the top was being fetched from home and delivered back safely.
It was a trip worth waiting for.
Kind regards
Rene and John Clarke, Delta and Chobe Tours
Turned out to be one of the most wondrous holiday tours I have been on – so much so that I may repeat it some time!
Pieter Badenhorst was not only a super driver – he answered every question (even the curious or somewhat unrelated ones) with patience and a wealth of knowledge
Looked after our every requirement with kindness – and was good looking to boot!
The accommodation was special and the food luxurious ( 2 k’s to get rid of) – the refreshment places were unusual, interesting and a feast for the eyes
The eight of us got on very well with each other and sundry afflictions!
Thanks for the memories.
Lieske Bester, The June Cape to Addo Tour
Just a short email to say how much I enjoyed the recent trip to the Klein Karoo – Montagu and Rooiberg Lodge. It was a truly enjoyable and relaxing experience, and especially the visits to out-of-the-way places, the various passes and the Rooiberg Reserve itself. Also fascinating was the visit to Blue Sky Organics. Special thanks to Pieter Badenhorst for his expertise and patience (!) and safe and comfortable driving.
Best wishes to all at Landscape
Peter, Klein Karoo
Dear All at Landscape Tours
A big thank you for the wonderful trip to the Deserts and Etosha.
Our guide Alan/Tjomps was outstanding in every way!
My tour mates were a wonderful group of people so that It was not long before we became one big family with Alan being sensitive to the needs of everyone.
Once again, many thanks.
Rosalie Sinclair-Smith, Deserts and Etosha
A note to thank you so much for the wonderful time we had in Tanzania. Having Emmanuel as our guide was a very big bonus which we really appreciated being such keen birders.

The days were sometimes long and bumpy but it was a great experience and we wouldn’t have done it any other way.

We will certainly consider Landscape for future tours.

Ann Ayre, Serengeti
Ek is pas terug van die Hogsback toer. Ek wil almal bedank wat die toer so puik georganiseer het. Dit was waarlik DIE toer van die jaar en het my 4 toere saam met Landscape met ‘n groot hoogtepunt laat afsluit. Baie geluk aan die span wat saamgewerk het. Pieter is ‘n puik gids en sy bedagsaamheid word hoog op prys gestel. Ek sal voortgaan om Landscape aan te bevel. Die diens is uiters voortreflik. Dit was ook ‘n wonderlike groep mense bymekaar en een en almal het die toer soveel lekkerder gemaak met al die humor.
Vriendelike groete
Erina Vorster, Hogsback tour
Just a note to say how very much we enjoyed our trip to the Kruger – it was all just great.
Glenshiels Hotel and the Outpost were just out of this world and Sarah our guide at the Outpost was marvellous.
Trevor did a great job in keeping a disparate group organised and on schedule – we all commented on how safe we felt with his driving.
All in all not a single criticism
Kind regards and our thanks to Landscape
Ken and Alma Trueman, Tour to Kruger National Park
My friend and I have just returned from a tour of the Hogsback with Landscape Tours.
We really enjoyed the trip. We saw wonderful things and stayed in lovely hotels and guest houses. The tour was made even more enjoyable by the husband and wife team of Neville and Di Norton. They were excellent. They saw to our every need, nothing was too much trouble and they were delightful company. I had a slight medical problem at the beginning of the tour and they took me to a doctor in Plett. It was quickly sorted out so that I could enjoy the rest of the tour.
The food was delicious and we all ate too much I think!
We will definitely recommend Landscape tours to our friends and family. We look forward to our next trip.
Kind regards
Beryl Stiles, Tour of the Hogsback
My friend & I were on your flower tour last week with Di Norton. We just wanted to let you know that it was a really wonderful experience. We enjoyed the flowers immensely, but also the additional information on the history, mining etc of the area. The Kamieskroon hotel was very comfortable, and it was so good not having to pack our cases and move on each night. The day with Lita was very special – her intimate knowledge of the area, it’s plant life and history was entertaining as well as informative.
Di was such a caring guide – she made every effort to ensure we were comfortable, and that each one of us had a good experience.
Our thanks & appreciation for a really memorable trip.
Sylvia Button & Lou Smith, Namaqualand Flower Tour
Dave and I have just returned from our holiday in the Delta. What a wonderful experience. From the minute we were collected at our home to when we were returned, the whole experience was fantastic. Seba Camp and its staff were everything and more you would expect. The service, the food, the hospitality was exceptional and our guide, Metabo, who looked after us the whole time we were there was informative, funny and always went the extra mile for us.
It was truly a marvelous experience, and thank you again for making it possible for us.
We will definitely look at other holidays and recommend your service to
our friends.
Chris and Dave Walker, Okavango Holiday
We would like to let you know how much we enjoyed our tour to Greyton at Christmas and to compliment you on the good service we received. The accommodation was comfortable, the restaurants were great and special thanks to our guide and driver Pieter Badenhorst.
Please keep us in informed of further tours.
Catherine & Ken Plaskett, Christmas Tour to Greyton
Dear Friends,
This letter is to tell you how all my expectations of the Landscape Tour to Eight Bells with expeditions to Mossel Bay and Oudtshoorn were greatly enjoyed.
This was specially due to the kindness and understanding of our guide and driver Alex also my fellow passengers who helped me over every stepping stone as well as in and out of the bus, ensuring that my poor eyesight did not endanger me,(or them!) so there were no trips or bumps.
Alex ensured that the tour was full of interest, especially in the Museums in Mossel Bay and Oudtshoorn, sharing all sorts of interesting and historical facts especially about the arrival of Bartholomew Dias and Vasco Da Gama. It was always good to enjoy lunch and tea in various unusual restaurants, as well as evenings by the fire at Eight Bells.
Certainly living up to all our hopes of a great holiday.
Please will you be so kind as to share this email with Alex and tell him that I will return his map once I have studied it with someone who is able to read the facts to me.
With very best wishes and gratitude to everyone concerned.
Priscilla Henwood, Eight Bells Tour
A short note to tell you about our guide Heidi. Her knowledge of Namibia, the birds, animals fauna and flora was amazing.
She was an absolute pleasure and very kind to all of us. Please thank her for me and tell her that hopefully I won’t forget all she taught me too soon. You have a gem in her.
Regards Faith Douglas, Namibia
I woud like to say a very big thank you to you all for the wonderful trip we did to the Richtersveld and Southern Namibia. It was truly fantastic and the highlight for me was gazing down into that awesome FishRiver Canyon. It took my breath away and left me wondering why we bother to go overseas when we have such magnificient places to visit much closer to home. Tjom was great as our guide and driver and looked after us all very well, me especially as with my useless right arm ( I have had cancer in the bone in it) I needed helping with luggage, etc. Hopefully when I do the next trip with you Tjom will be in charge again.
Talking about next trips please can you put my name down for your Caprivi trip next year, I would prefer to go in about August if possible. Jean Lidgett is keen to go with me again so please remember us both when you draw up your list of those who want to go and keep us posted about it when you have the details.
Once again, thank you to all of you for giving us such a wonderful trip, fetching and carrying us home and just being a very special tour company to deal with.
Kind regards to you all
Moira Crookes, Namibia
As usual Landscape Tours have come up tops once again.
I want to congratulate you all on a superb organisation which runs on oiled wheels from pick-up to return.
The anticipation of this trip came up to all my expectations, and more. Pieter as our Tour Leader was fantastic – he was always one jump ahead of us which made for smooth running in a calm and efficient manner. Nothing was ever too much trouble and he saw to it that every one of us was happy and relaxed. He is to be highly recommended.
His extensive knowledge of wildlife, birds and generally being able to organise a bunch of retired geriatrics was amazing!!
The hotels, food, transport arrangements to places of interest and general concern for each traveller was so impressive.
One thing which we suggested for the future was to maybe shorten the time in Livingstone and rather add a day onto the Chobe trip – the rugby balls for pillows at Chobe Safari Lodge could be improved upon sometime !!
I am hoping to maybe go on the Pafuri trip next year or possibly one to Namibia.
Well done on a wonderful job!
Regards and many thanks
Pam Meinesz, Vic Falls, Livingstone, Chobe Trip